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Strategy is about setting yourself apart from the competition. It is not about being better at what you do, it is about being unique at what you do.


Aesthetics of the brand is critical. It visually allows your customer to feel comfortable and enables them to digest the information easily and understand your business better.


We believe a quality development and strategy should be integrated. Every brand touchpoint is an opportunity to further obtain more business, and the right technology is critical.

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Magento announced End of Life for support
Magento announced End of Life for support

Magento Commerce 2.2.x is coming to an end of support. It is time to upgrade if you still want to be PCI compliance. Starting from the 31 December 2019, The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI) compliance may be at risk for merchants who are still using Magento 2.2.0 to 2.2.9. due to the

Stripe verified Magento experts and services
Stripe verified Magento experts and services

Stripe verified Magento experts and services is now tagged on us! Another milestone to share by Gaventure Studio! This year itself, we have receives two recognition from Stripe. The Magento experts and Expert Services. For those who are still wondering what Stripe is, let me put it in plain simple words. It’s a no-fuss, amazingly

The importance of branding for all businesses
The importance of branding for all businesses

A brand isn’t just a logo or a tagline, it’s a combination of the perceptions that holds business, products and services together. A strong brand improves recognition, trust, loyalty, financial values and stronger supports in all marketing aspects. So what exactly creates a good brand? Our answers is everything.

iBeacon, how tiny devices can solves mysteries!
iBeacon, how tiny devices can solves mysteries!

We all know the power of the internet and data sharing. Now let’s take a look at iBeacon technology and how it can assist businesses and consumers by creating a better experience, and connecting offline business to online. Firstly, iBeacon is a Bluetooth low energy device that transmits its identification information to nearby devices. Basically,

Trip to YooZoo
Trip to YooZoo

Firstly, we would like to thank Pitou and YooZoo for the honorable invite to YooZoo Shanghai headquarter. Let me start by saying, this whole place is amazing! YooZoo is a global entertainment company focus in game development. Two of their popular games are the League of Angels and Legacy of Discord. Let me warn you first, it's highly addictive! you can download them here...

Challenges that we overcomes with WordPress!
Challenges that we overcomes with WordPress!

Earlier in the year, we were interviewed by Cloudways on some challenges we faced with Wordpress. We often hear challenges in all sort of business, here are some challenges that digital agencies faced with Wordpress in Asia-Pacific.