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Trip to YooZoo

Firstly, we would like to thank Pitou and YooZoo for the honorable invite to YooZoo Shanghai headquarter. Let me start by saying, this whole place is amazing!

YooZoo is a global entertainment company focus in game development. Two of their popular games are the League of Angels and Legacy of Discord. Let me warn you first, it’s highly addictive! you can download them here.

Legacy of Discord, Furious Wings


League of Angels


As I was saying, the trip itself is amazing, YooZoo has shown us their great working culture, sharing their modern Sensor Data technology that is able to help the architectural and commercial industry. The technology itself assist in modern development, analyzing user behavior to improves businesses and infrastructure stability.

Here’s an example, each sensor device has an equilibrium feature that is able to detect if the structure is leaning too much. This can prevent high-rise building from collapsing and provide more efficient maintenance operation on every building!