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We are a quality focused digital agency. We specialize in digital strategy, user experience, web design, development and visibility.

Gaventure Studio is a client and quality focused digital agency from Australia. We form strategic partnerships with our clients, working closely with them to craft the best digital solution that is fully integrated with their business.

We understand people and technology. When you work with us, you’ll be working with some of the brightest individuals in the industry. We will design the best solution to deliver success to your business.

Our passion for perfection is evident in the results. We have delivered successful and functional products spanning multiple technologies, platforms and media, resulting in a positive business impact to a wide range of clients.

Our Services
Kaizen & Found

Helping your business to gain visibility is the upmost important task. Our platform includes the necessary tools and foundation to kick this off.

As your business grow, the trend of the world and your customer changes. With us, we will continue to improve your system to ensure your business sustained and grow along the trend.

We create simplified brand awareness program to help your business grow and your customer to understand.

  • EDM
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Digital Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
Understand, Listen & Observe

It’s about how well you know problems, people, technology, business, structure and the market you are tapping into. Integrating them together to craft the perfect solution.

We do this by discovering your business to learn what your customer wants.

Then we produce a structured and actionable plan for your business to bring your customers to you.

  • Requirement Workshop
  • Brand and Creatives Workshop
  • Technical Requirement Workshop
  • Project Planning
  • BMC Workshop
Strategy, Risk mitigation & Time

Strategy is about setting yourself apart from the competition. It is not about being better at what you do, it is about being unique at what you do.

It’s about how we minising & identifying the risks of delivering your project, differentiating a successful project against a masterpiece.

  • Digital Strategy
  • Digital Project Risk Management
  • Project Executions
  • Brand & Communication Strategy
  • Customer Experience Design
  • Offshore Business Setup and Development
Tech & Future

A digital front is no longer something you just hold in your hands. It’s an important ecosystem across all channels, communities and services today.

We believe a quality development and strategy should be integrated. Every brand touchpoint is an opportunity to further obtain more business.

For today’s consumer, it’s not what you’re buying, it’s what you’re buying into.

  • Website or Microsite Development
  • eCommerce (SME)
  • Web Applications
  • Business Solutions
  • Mobile Application Development
  • iBeacon (Sensor) Technology
  • Cloud Hosting
Memory & Inspirational

A brand isn’t just a logo or a tagline, it is a combination of the perceptions that holds culture, business, products or services together.

We place your customers and your business at the heart of everything we do, crafting every element that goes into creating a great user experience for your brand. It is our strength to create clear and long-lasting brands.

  • Brand Culture
  • Brand Conceptualization
  • Visual Identity
  • Brand rollout and executions
  • Style Guide
Innovations & Out of the box

Being innovative isn’t easy, but it’s something we do everyday. Bringing fresh new idea out of the box that suits your culture and process is the key.

Aesthetics of the brand is critical. It visually allows your customer to feel comfortable and enables them to digest the information easily and understand your business culture.

A successful design delivers information with minimal effort. We look into user experience, readability and apply our creativity to your culture.

  • UX/UI
  • Information Architecture
  • Website or Microsite Design
  • Digital Banner
  • Application Design
  • System Design
  • Copywriting
This is us
Meet our team
Kenny Too

I'm a tech solution from Melbourne, Australia. I help companies to grow or be more efficient in their daily routines! I love Gin, food and eSports!

Lee Jin Yon (JY)
Creative Director

Hi, I'm JY and I take cares of all creative and branding direction. I like movie, work out and computer games!

Alex Ten
Project Manager

Hello! I'm Alex, focused in project management and risk management. I love to eat, play badminton and mobile games!

Mac Ngew
Software Engineer

Sawadee krap! I'm Mac, I'm responsible for the building backend solutions! I love food and computer games!

Jasmine Tiong
Creative Designer

I make things beautiful. easy to use and easy to digest. I am one of the creative arms of Gaventure!

Kenny Too
Lee Jin Yon (JY)
Alex Ten
Mac Ngew
Jasmine Tiong