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iBeacon, how tiny devices can solves mysteries!

We all know the power of the internet and data sharing. Now let’s take a look at iBeacon technology and how it can assist businesses and consumers by creating a better experience, and connecting offline business to online.

Firstly, iBeacon is a Bluetooth low energy device that transmits its identification information to nearby devices. Basically, it able to send information to any smart devices that have an app up to certain approximations.

Let’s take a look at a few scenarios on how it possibly assist businesses.

Scenario 1: Crowd Check

In this scenario, iBeacon technology can help regular customers to find out if the location is crowded base in real time. This solution is often useful for bars, clinics, restaurants, service centers or any other businesses.

  1. Sarah’s family goes to The Roast Restaurant or Super Thai Cafe every 3rd Sunday of the month without booking between 7pm to 8pm. As both restaurants are getting more crowds, having seat for 6 can be difficult at certain times.
  2. Both restaurant owners know Sarah and wouldn’t want to disappoint Sarah, however, they wouldn’t be able to know if she is coming to their restaurant.
  3. As the restaurants are getting full at 6pm, both owners are concerned. So both owners push out a reservation request notification.
  4. At 6pm, Sarah and her family are now prepared to head down to The Roast Restaurant. Sarah heard a buzz on her phone, she then opens up the message…. “Hi Sarah, looks like The Roast Restaurant or Super Thai Cafe are filling up quickly! Do you want to reserve your usual spot?
  5. Sarah clicks the button to reserve the Roast at 7.30pm and head out.
  6. The Roast restaurant receives a booking request allowing it to main its integrity and customer service. While Super Thai Cafe will receive a different message saying Sarah is busy during that time, protecting her privacy.


Scenario 2: Crowd Check

In this scenario, iBeacon is able to reduce the customer’s waiting time on critical hours. Have a look at Joey’s sick little daughter.


  1. Joey’s daughter is very sick, without wanting to be in a waiting list, she doesn’t know which clinic to call.
  2. Joey turns on his app to look for a nearby connected clinic.
  3. Joey notices that the usual clinic she goes to is full and need to wait for at least 4 hours.
  4. Joey quickly looks at other clinics nearby and she found a clinic that the waiting time is only an hour
  5. Joey hit the “book me in” button on Clinic A to be next in line
  6. Without worrying she will miss her queue, Joey able to drive to the clinic slowly and carefully now


In both scenarios above, beacon technology has assisted both consumers and businesses in creating a better experience and saving time.

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